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Buyna.me specializes in Niche & Brand-able Domain Names. 

Insurance, HR, Healthcare, Admin, Provider & Payments related domains are of particular interest to our team (as you will see in our Health section).

The correct Keyword or Brand-able Domain Name can be one of your most valuable assets, a true contribution to success of your business - while the wrong domain will make it hard for your existing customers to find you online and even more difficult for potential customers, worldwide, to find you and your business.

The “right” Domain Name can save you thousands in marketing costs.

Your Domain is your Brand, Storefront, & Face to the World. With a traditional brick mortar – the real estate & location are major factors in success. Your digital real estate is even more valuable in driving growth & opportunities - and must be treated as such.

Your domain name represents you & is your business's online presence to the world, it MATTERS.

No matter how amazing your services are, your prices are, your people are, or how unique your offerings are - if you are hard to find online and your competitors are not, you ARE missing opportunities that your business, service, or site needs to grow.

Please review our current domain offerings and be sure to inquire if you are looking for something specific, something you don’t see on our site, or would like to discuss Brand-able domain options.